Todestanz - Coal Heart I I


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Black ball in the desert
Black ball in the desert I I
Black ball in the desert I I I Radiation
Black ball in the desert I V Equilibrium
Black ball in the desert V Dying
Coal Heart
Coal Heart I I
Dies Blatt
Ich Folge Meinem Herzen
Macht Der Magie
Pitch Black
Rote Rose
Staub der Zeit
Unforgotten Past

The coal lump has changed - in the last past weeks.
Long there was not a word. The throbbing was there.
I didn't feel - I didn't touch.
Women became grey figures to me.

After she returned, it started to change.
Below the coal on the collarbone
a hook appeared.
The more I felt - the more it became clear.

An invisible chain connects me to this fate
from my chest into the mist.
I tread lighter now
A weight has been lifted.

My passion went down, burning hot fire grew smaller.
A more steady pulse is pushing in my chest.
No need to run, no need to rush.
We both are on the same path.

The outcome will come - whatever it will be.
I need to make those steps.
I still don't feel a thing for any other girl,
I am chained but may be free.

My trust in her is strong.
There is something there - what no words can explain.
Stay when all would leave, come when all would flee.
Reason is not relevant here.

I need to be free from my constraints,
of any dates - any obligations.
Don't interpret, don't evaluate.
Slowly doing baby steps now...