Todestanz - Coal Heart


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Black ball in the desert
Black ball in the desert I I
Black ball in the desert I I I Radiation
Black ball in the desert I V Equilibrium
Black ball in the desert V Dying
Coal Heart
Coal Heart I I
Dies Blatt
Ich Folge Meinem Herzen
Macht Der Magie
Pitch Black
Rote Rose
Staub der Zeit
Unforgotten Past

Living with a coal heart

For the last two weeks
there has been a brick of coal living in me
where my heart resided.

I can feel only pain clearly
lust, love, happiness
are dulled out and disappear.

The sensation is confusing
all is alive except that part
how I keep on functioning is a piece of art.

But if my mind wanders and returns to her
imagining two together
it is more than I can bear.

It keeps on going
like a living machine
spinning the wheel.

To fall down but to stand up
it divides my soul
and weakens my heart.

Soft coal is brittle
delicate to the touch
I fear it is too much.


The lump is still there,
a spark can set it off.
Agonizing pain.

It burned to hot in me,
too bright did it shine.
Evaporated light.

Stillness and calm,
when the fire burnt out.
Pulsating black.

One day the crust will fall off,
brushed by the wind.
What's beneath?