Todestanz - Black ball in the desert I V Equilibrium


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Black ball in the desert
Black ball in the desert I I
Black ball in the desert I I I Radiation
Black ball in the desert I V Equilibrium
Black ball in the desert V Dying
Coal Heart
Coal Heart I I
Dies Blatt
Ich Folge Meinem Herzen
Macht Der Magie
Pitch Black
Rote Rose
Staub der Zeit
Unforgotten Past

the snakes are mirroring their movements
hissing but saving their strength
the ball is in motion.

Softly rotating around its axis
humming and soothing
the desert of glass
that expands now around it.

When powerful forces come to a stalemate
great things can be born within
glancing collisions generate energy
for whom knows how to use it.

Waves of subtle sound resonate through the glass
fill the space with peace and tranquility
moving slowly
ardently surrounding the nothingness.

Green grass still grows
flowers still emerge
down from the floor of glass
swinging peacefully to the sound.

The sun still burns
the air still hot
no rainclouds in sight
yet needed water is not.

The grasp of the orb is firm
tearing it out would ravage the land
hurting it deep
shatter it under the sky.

The orb is no longer a marble
it reflects the movement of the snakes
shades of grey and white
now live on its surface.

It is like life
always in motion
with ups and downs
trying and struggling to persist.