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You And I

You and I

for Donna McCutcheon


together we are strong.
Two can do things one can’t.
Two can walk on lonely roads where one woul fall.
Two can enjoy the presence of the other one.
Two united can stand where others fall.

Friendship and Love are two great unity forms...
two friends or two lovers can’t be seperated by others.
They belong together.

We two are a good team.
We will continue to be as we had in the past.
I like you .... for what you are, not what anyone might say.
This is meant serious....I am no liar.

My emotions are true.
I am true.
And I think of you in the same way.

You gave me hope in my bad situations...
you made me laugh when I was sad.
you were there when I needed you....
and I want to be the same to you.

I think of you very often...almost every minute.
We are seperated...we never met in real life...I don’t know how your face look alike...but I know how your heart looks alike. And what I saw touched me.

My believe in you is strong... I trust you more than me.
Let your heart decide.

In me, you have a true heart. My spirit is clear. My mind is strong. And my love and friendship too.
Together we can solve any problems we encounter. We write a new chapter in our both lives. Let the writing be the sweetest words and let the book be the hugest in the world.

Let me say one thing: I will be with you, every day, every minute. I am there when you need help and will help you all of my heart.

If you want to see me, anytime... then look up to the stars and my star will shine on you.

Oliver Brendel