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The Girl Next Door

... ever wondered what she looks like?
what kind of shampoo she uses or how her hair smells?

... ever wondered what kind of toes she has?
whether they are normal or ... cute in a different sort of way?

What about her activities? What does she do all day?
Is it work she does? College? School?

Things might get out of hand... time flows...
so, don't you wanna know?

What would it be ... like.
What would it be to know her, hear her laugh?

Or... hear her cry... be there for her tears.
Or... simply be there...

Life is a nut... and you are the shell.

Life is a worm... and you are the earth.

Life is an option... you are the chance.

Things tend to differ...
Things tend to change...

Though, what choice is it?
Smile or be smiled upon?

Encounter her and try your luck.
The first one to smile says 'Hello'.

Living beside each other, or living together.
You won't know.

So... there is only one question left:
What does her voice sound like?

Figure it out, on your own.