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A New Adventure
Collapsing Star
Entering Night
Life For A Living
Sensing You
The Girl Next Door
You And I

Stars, tell me; What can I do?

What is the purpose of my living, of my pain?
Is it right to fool me like a stupid dump?
I cannot exist like I am right now!
So tell me, stars, what can I do to achieve victory
where others did quite well before,
and why can I do some things more easily than the others?
Why am I alone and not aligned like the others?
I just don´t know, perhaps you know the answer.
Come talk to me!

Why are you as silent as the night is?
Gimme the woman I might deserve for living.
Gimme just this one where you gave me nothing.
I always was a fighter, without my honor and courage,
I had surely died in the past 18 years of treason and blames.
Ah You won´t tell me the answer.
So I will go on alone, from the beginning to the ending of my life.
Death is the only joy I look forward to.
Might others have their life of joy
I will not

Oliver Brendel

Dedicated to my past and forwarding past in the future. Nothing will change. It never had.
Created at 23:21 or 11:21 p.m. in a lonely night