Todestanz - Entering Night


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Entering the night
villains, cowards, stay aside
here comes the chosen

Living darkness all around
but not even a single sound
it’s still

Quiet be thy fellow
as I will not hallow
his small pitiful name

Night won’t cope with mist
so maybe you don’t get the gist
but fighting… is futile

I am not the chosen one
I won’t make things done
but she

Being just a friendly voice
having but no lovely toys
what is my part in this game

Fooling around
have nothing found
what could it be

Though the breeze gets cold
I will stay near your fold
doing nothing but waiting

And thinking… as well
covered in an old fell
while time passes by.

Night, my ally,
you will hide me my dally,
while time passes by.

Melted with the shadows
never hit by his arrows
I stayed there invincible for him.

The only thing that hit
as dangerous as the deadliest pit
was your speech

Hearing the words of retreat
uttering the thoughts of defeat
I listened well.

And so are things now
you might only raise a brow
but I still like to be

Called your friend
Listening, talking, not having to bend
I still like that thought.

But good stories have to end.

samedi 28 avril 2007

for the witch of the winter