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Collapsing Star
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Collapsing Star

Reverberating in the echoes of your mind lies a single thought
Filling the void around and in you up until your very core
the nothingness in your heart
reaches out for some other entity.
Shaken you reach out
feeling thirst like from a drought
given in without a doubt
your voice never being loud.

Though finally it reaches the ears of the expecting
hiding behind perfection
shying away from the light
unfulfilled needs awaiting their counterpart.

Unbound shackles screeching over the floor
movement in the dark
space being crossed
void filled with presence.

A hand taken
make feelings waken
a heart shaken
but doubt forsaken.

In the true core of equilibrium
a hand glides in
a spark appears
swirling the surface.

The pale faces changes
hairs turn to matches
fire takes a hold
eyes turn open.

Connection being made
warnings fade
self-preservation swayed
high price being paid.

The contract was clear
the actions were not
walls broken
sparks filled the core.

True sight did not prevent
the longings too great
the current self
beyond all help.

Happiness flew
as it was something new
bright as morning dew
but fate weavers sew.

The days and nights were good
as long as it lasts
though time itself works fast
changing what was there.

The sparks turned red
searing the flesh from within
hurting itself
it tried to break free.

A storm formed of sin
pulled everything in
there was never something to win
delusions within.

Moments later
when all was pulled in
it was condensed
one thing to feel.

Eyes open again.

2017-06-15 12:30